The Wilier GTR SL shows how pro racing innovations can upgrade the ride of an already racy endurance bike. They found ways to make the GTR stiffer, more comfortable, lighter, and more aerodynamic. It’s so good that it’s nearly catching Wilier’s pro offerings, which you can easily see when you realize that the frame weighs 990g in a size Medium.

The carbon cloth employed includes a healthy amount of 60-Ton ultra high modulus carbon. But to balance out cost with light weight, they also employ some 46-Ton cloth as well. And to maximize the benefits of the materials, they also employ variable size frame tubing across the line, meaning that the tubing shapes get proportionally larger as you go up in the size range. This means that the larger sizes are stiffer than the smaller sizes.

The geometry is racy while allowing for comfort. You’ll see this in the aggressive seat angles mixed with head tube lengths that are about 10mm taller than what you’ll find on the Cento’s in respective sizes. The longer 49mm fork rake also helps with stability and front end comfort.

The bike has been designed to fit tires up to 28mm in width, meaning that whether you’re going off-road, hitting pavé, or just interested in an extremely plush ride, you have that option.

In terms of balancing stiffness and comfort, they employ the tapered 1 1/8” to 1 ¼” steerer that works to control the front end on their pro bikes. The fork itself has a widened integrated steerer based on the Cento1 Air, and an aero-shaped head tube, also from that frame. While they switched to the more common BB86 bottom bracket standard for the GTR, they’ve kept the asymmetric rear chainstay design that you’ll find on the Cento’s and Zero.7, as well as the tapered seat stays that dampen road vibrations. At the top of the tapered seat tube is a round 27.2mm seatpost, just like on the Zero.7.

The cable routing is internal, and designed for both electronic and mechanical shifting. They call it 2in1, and it both refers to the entry points on the downtube as well as the flush fitting cable routing plate under the bottom bracket. The latter is actually the same exact piece you’ll find on the Cento1 SR.

The Wilier GTR SL punches well above its class.

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