Kavisha Cruse

Kavisha Cruse

Name: Kavisha Cruse

Cycling program: FTP

Coach: Peta Mullens

University Course: Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science and Business

Cycling goal 2019: 

My goal in cycling is to push myself and always do the best I can, regardless of overall ranking. Eventually I would love to ride the NRS and track once my coach and I feel I am capable.


Travelling to India to raise money and help support a school as well as an AIDS hospice. It was a very rewarding experience and something Iʼll always be proud of.

Spare time: 

I love being active so any kind of sport I enjoy! I also really enjoy art so find a lot of my spare time is spent doing something creative. Or of course spending time with my friends as much as I can.


What do you like about cycling & how did you get into cycling?

I love how much the intensity of the sport can change so quickly depending on your goals! Itʼs fun and fast paced but also can be very relaxing and something super social.

Who do ride with?
I do most of my training solo but when I do get the chance try and drag some of my friends along to some of the longer, slower rides. I usually only ride with friends once a week, the rest is solo.

What are some cycling tips you have learnt which would be useful for beginners?

Donʼt be nervous and rigid, your tension will only make riding your bike harder and a lot less enjoyable! Always pace yourself and donʼt go out too hard if you canʼt maintain it. 

What would you say to someone who wants to take up cycling like you but is unsure?
Just try it! Speak to people who have more knowledge and go to your local bike shop as theyʼll know of bunch rides or people who can point you in the right direction.