Jacob McKie

Jacob McKie

Junior Ambassador: Jacob McKie  (follow Jacob on Instagram)

Age: 13 years old

Job: Student and Athlete

Bike: 2019 BMC Roadmachine 02 Two with Shimano Ultegra mechanical.

Cycling Goal 2019: 

  • Qualify to race states in Bendigo and get a good result. Hold onto the leaders jersey for the rest of the Junior Road Series 2018.
  • Help my school develop and set up a Cycling Team to compete in school events.

Triathlon Goals 2019:

  • Obtain selection in Team Vic and complete the 2XU series. Currenlty series leader in 2018!


  • Jacob is the youngest person to ride his bike to Base Camp, Mt Everest. Check out his journey

  • Jacob placed 3rd under 13yr Male in the 2017 2XU active feet triathlon series
  • Jacob was winner of Torquay College Principals’ General Excellence Award - 2017

How did you get into cycling?

Around year 4 (10 years old) I noticed how my mum and dad used to get up early and go out and exercise before taking us to school and got intrigued. One day I asked my dad if I could come for a bike ride with him. He was a bit reluctant but we started out small and slowly built myself up to waking up once a week to do a 25km hill session out at bells. By the time year 5 came around I had heard word about how our school was going to take part in the Great Victorian Bike Ride, I was really excited and wanted to start training straight away. And from then on I have always loved getting up early and breathing the morning air with your heart pumping with the thrill of having wind thrashed in your face. 

How would you inspire kids to get into cycling? What would you say to them?

I would talk to them about the many opportunities I have unlocked by cycling, the people I have met and the places I have seen. I would say it’s a great way to keep fit; being able to choose what intensity you want from easy spin to an intense sprint session. I would also say to choose what you love.

Are there cycling tips you would pass on to someone younger who wants to do similar things to you or get into cycling?

Train hard but listen to your body. Enjoy your riding and don’t feel pressured by other people to do more. Always talk to your parents about you feel and never feel scared to tell them you’re not up for something.