Helmets 4 Kids

Helmets 4 Kids

Personally as a kid, I don't get told all the facts about why I need to wear a helmet. Adults only say "It should be on your head at all times" but I want to know why and more about the helmet. Let me tell you what I have learnt.

For protection, it needs to fit!
People think that just having helmet on will protect them but they are wrong! The helmet should fit you correctly. Use the knob to adjust it so it is snug on your  head or else it won't work properly. If your helmet does not have a knob, read this article on Helmet Fitting.


When you tilt your head the helmet should not move. If your helmet moves, then it does not fit properly, and will not give you the right protection!

 The Helmet Quiz

Which photo shows a correctly fitted helmet?

Should I be able to put my hand in the helmet, like this?
When you move your head, the helmet should not move and be comfortable. Correct answer: c


Materials and Technology

Different brands use different materials to make their helmets. Some helmets have a plastic cover on the outside, foam and padding strips which can be removed on the inside. Some of these helmets are sold in toy shops and places like K-mart. The difference between these budget helmets and those sold in a bicycle shop is the FIT. You will get a much better fit with the brands in a bicycle shop because there are more sizes. Also some of these brands eg, Giro have a team of scientists who research the helmet design for many months. They work to make the more helmets safe, be comfortable with a good fit and increase air flow so you don't drip with sweat when riding your bike. They can have better materials and MIPS technology.

Finally, I hope you remember one important point: You need a helmet which FITS your head correctly to help protect your head.

For more information, read Helmet Fitting.

By Aidan T (10 years old)